Soultrax Originals

At SoulTrax Originals, we amalgamate creativity and versatility to produce enchanting original music of a wide variety of genres with diverse artists leading to collaborations at Indian and global levels.

SoulTrax Originals is a musical content stream of SoulTrax Studios, an award winning creative content studio based in New Delhi with clients across the globe.

Our Hottest New Singles

Kadi Kadi

A Punjabi-Hindi R&B track with Lega-C, Avanie Joshi, Inder Kumar, and Choreography by Nisha Mahendra. Kadi Kadi is our most recent production which is now live on all streaming platforms. A fully in-house production including lyrics, music, and video.

Space in Between

A Rock Singer-Songwriter track by Keerthy Narayanan and Nirvaan Kelly Rai, is one of our latest production which is now live on all streaming platforms. A fully in-house Audio and Video production.

Also from Us


A New Age, Chant, Meditative music album created through a collaboration with awardwinning producers. It draws inspiration from the universe and its elemental construct that connects us all to cosmic consciousness.


A unique, indulgent, creative musical experience blending original, single-take recorded acoustic music with poetry. Brought to you by SoulTrax Studios.


An extensive compilation of originally recorded and produced Indian music. It features 30 internationally renowned legendary artists and promotes diversity and oneness through the power of music.

Hum Tum

A perfect farewell song, which shall resonate with everyone for years to come. Another one of our complete in-house production includes lyrics, music, and video.