This is your space. Aesthetically designed, geometrically acoustic with extreme precision, pleasing and looking straight out of the pages of a luxury magazine! Our soundproof space is also visually stimulating and potentially breeds creativity. Work with precision, sweeten your sound and get inspired to create. We have space for different purposes, setups and workflows providing you enough room; perfect for bringing in all the extra gear you need.

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The design of the Soutrax’s production facility was led by an experienced acoustic engineer and audio researcher - Tomasz Rudzki on the lines of Lipinski Sound Mastering equipment. The Space features a multipurpose recording studio, Audio – Visual editing and production workstations as well as office space. The studio was designed to provide pristine acoustical conditions along with maximum functionality allowing for multiple recording sessions to be hosted simultaneously.

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All recording rooms are shoot friendly

When music is needed, it's really there and it serves a purpose.

Control Room A

The control room A is at the heart of the studio, here visual communication can be maintained with all three recording rooms. The control room A houses world renowned monitoring systems by LIpsinki Sound that allows stereo monitoring as well as monitoring up to 7.1 configurations.

Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.

Control Room B

Control room B is designed for various content production work, as well as music production and mixing in stereo format.

Good music makes a good life

Recording Room A – LIVE ROOM

Recording room A is a spacious, lively sounding space for recording complex ensembles as well as single performers. The acoustics of the room can be altered to meet the desired timbral and spatial character of the acoustic space.

Music is the strongest form of magic.

Recording Room B – DEAD ROOM

The recording room B was designed to provide ultra low reverberation conditions.

Listen to melody and be carried away by the imagination and beauty of music

Recording Room C

The recording room C provides conditions for voice recordings. It can be accessed from both control rooms.