How we started

Like every great story, we started small but have grown to be one of the world’s best boutique recording and multi-media studios. Sense the exhilaration as you watch your ideas come to life, our finest facilities being the enabler of your creative vision. We are known for proprietary recording signal flows, tracking, overdub, and mixing; holistic solutions that have been streamlined to cater to your specific production needs.
Our extensive professional experience in the field of video production helps you sail through the best of your performances, at ease.

There's More

We have been associated with global artist community to make remarkable and original music. At SoulTrax, we firmly believe in helping you unearth your potential with inspiration and creativity, adapting our space for you to perform your best.

We have the tools, the process, and the experience to bring your ideas to life!

The Team

Siddhant Bhatia

CCO, Founder, Producer, Indian Classical Singer

Founder, Producer, Indian Classical Singer, Audio & Film Producer from SAE Byron Bay, Australia; one of the rare audio engineers certified by Solid State Logic (SSL), Siddhant has been professionally working in Audio Visual industry for over 16 years. Having recorded and worked with a plethora of International artists, Siddhant infuses fresh ideas during production and helps deliver phenomenal results.

“When you play, never mind who listens to you”

Robert Schumann