Its not an everyday affair that years of experience and the best in technology walk hand in hand with you! We do that. We don’t work for you. We work with you

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You imagine. We manifest.



Our Equipment

  • Lipinski L70

    Two-way active monitor, sporting an elastically suspended amplifier – eliminating enclosure vibrations to the electronics, vibrations that degrade sound....

  • Lipinski L707 Signature Grand

    While the Lipinski L-707s displayed excellent imaging, extended dynamic range, and translucent mids and highs, their strongest characteristic was their wide, deep soundstage, with an unusual level of spatial resolution for individual orchestral instruments and choral voices....

  • DW Fearn – VT7 Compressor

    The elements of DW Fearn – VT7 Compressor duplicate the sound of the finest classic vacuum tube compressors.  Jazz and classical tracks can be sent through the VT-7 for some mild gain control without obvious effect other than a significant improvement in the overall sound of the mix....

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